Brews on the Bay 2022

Aboard the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien
Pier 45, San Francisco

General Admission - 1:30 PM
VIP Fundraiser & Brewers Lunch - 11:30 AM


Join the Bay Area Brewers Guild in supporting the SS Jeremiah O'Brien and bringing BREWS ON THE BAY back.

Sample super-fresh, locally crafted beer from San Francisco brewers while enjoying spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the San Francisco Bay and cityscape, at one of the most memorable and unique beer festivals in the world.


21st Amendment #1

Barebottle #17

Barrel Head #16

Bartlett Hall #15

Black Hammer #16

Cellarmaker #2

Dokkaebier #5

Fort Point #7

Harmonic #4

Hop Oast #10

Laughing Monk #8

Local #14

Otherwise #6

San Francisco #12

Speakeasy #9

Standard Deviant #13

Woods #3

Brews on the Bay
Big thanks to our Brewers Lunch sponsors, The Printed Image and Baretto-Co.!


21st Amendment Station 1

Brew Free or Die Cold IPA
Cold IPA • 6.5% ABV
* New * | Seasonal
Our Cold IPA is like a crystal clear bluebird day with the anticipation of epic powder and long runs. With a lighter body and fruity new world dry hopping, it delivers bright hop aromas and a bold, clean finish that will leave you craving more.
Hell or High Mango
Mango Wheat • 4.9% ABV
As the days get shorter, Lady Liberty glows at our sunset gate with her welcoming arms. A light and refreshing straw-colored beer, fruity and sweet, brewed with real mango's, brimming with tropical floral notes. You’ll feel transported to an oasis during the orange and red leaves of fall.
Coaster Pils
Hoppy Pilsner • 5.4% ABV
* New * | Year round
Crisp, bright and brewed for drinkability, this Pilsner has a snappy, quenching flavor. Brewed with Simcoe hops for their passionfruit and pine resin aroma, and built on premium pilsner malt for that classic cracker bread flavor.

Barebottle Station 17

Polar Pals
Cold IPA • 6.8% ABV
Collaboration | Dry hopped
Cold IPA collab with Hello Friends-Rare Barrel
Crispius Maximus
Dry hopped Italian Pilsner • 5.0% ABV
* New * | Dry hopped
Dry hopped Italian Pilsner with Kazbek + Pacific Jade hops
Dark Cosmos
Dark Lager • 5.3% ABV
* New *
Dark lager with smooth roastiness
Cooler Cactus
Fruited American Sour • 5.9% ABV
* New *
Sour blend with pineapple, mango, lime and cara cara orange
Whole New Whirled
Session IPA • 5% ABV
* New - One off * | Limited / Rare | Seasonal | Fresh hops
Wet hopped with fresh Amarillo
Strata Dust
Hazy IPA with Strata • 6.7% ABV
Limited / Rare | Seasonal | Dry hopped
Dry hopped with Strata

Barrel Head Station 16

Hurricane of Jacarandas
Saison • 5.7% ABV
* New * | Limited / Rare | Seasonal
Saison brewed with hibiscus flowers
Pairs with: Roasted beets
Sponge-Worthy IPA
Wet Hop IPA • 7% ABV
* New - One off * | Limited / Rare | Fresh hops | Dry hopped
Admiral Feldblume malt, hand-picked Cascades from Alena Jean, dry-hopped with Mosaic
Pairs with: Welsh Rarebit

Bartlett Hall Station 15

Invoking the Muse
Mixed Ferm Saison w/ Spelt, Wheat, and Oats • 5.9% ABV
Limited / Rare
An exercise in patience and perseverance. This multigrain saison was tucked away for 11 months and refermented with a mixed culture of wild yeast and souring bacteria for a soft acidity and ripe aromas of juicy peach and nectarine funk.
Pairs with: Goat cheese, Shrimp Scampi, Cioppino
242 Vienna Lager
Vienna-Style Lager • 5.3% ABV
A flame tinged lagerbier perfectly suited to afternoon sports, slow cooked meals, thrift shop flannels and all things fall. Super refreshing with delicate nuances of bread crust, fuji apple, and wildflower honey.
Pairs with: Bratwurst, Pretzels,Sharp Cheddar
Powell Street Porter
Robust Porter • 6.3% ABV
Year round
Our 2022 Gold and 2019 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medalist! A zero nonsense American porter with an intricately layered grain bill and a long roasty finish.
Pairs with: Reuben Sandwich, Jamaican Jerk Wings, French Onion Soup
No Name IPA (Seriously, Name TBD)
West Coast IPA • 6.9% ABV
Sorry buds, still working on this one.
Pairs with: Stare into the void and scream until you feel better.

Black Hammer Station 16

Boots & Cats
Hazy IPA with 2021 Pink Boots Blend • 6% ABV
Collaboration | Seasonal | Dry hopped | Near gluten free
A hazy IPA brewed with 100% Pink Boots hops, a blend created by and in support of women in the beer industry. A creamy, viscous body supports flavors of ripe strawberry, candied orange and passionfruit.
Pairs with: Chicken Cherry Sausage
Pink Pastel
Cherry Vanilla Berlinerweisse • 5.6% ABV
Cherries, Madagascar Vanilla beans, German white wheat and Pilsner malted barley joined forces to manifest this delightfully delicate pastel pink Berliner-Weiss.
Pairs with: Neurnberger Bratwurst
Basic Witch
Pumpkin Pie Sour • 5.6% ABV

Cellarmaker Station 2

Mo' HBC 630
Hazy West Coast IPA • 6.8% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped
New hop varieties are popping up every year and some are better than others. HBC 586 is totally 100% on our radar BIG TIME. It is only a matter of time until this resinous hop gets a name and starts popping up in a lot of beers. For now, we have teamed it up with Mosaic for a new hazy addition to the Mo’ series.
Mt. Nelson
100% Nelson Hazy West Coast Pale • 5.7% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped
Hopped with 100% Nelson Sauvin hops. As you contemplate the path to the top of Mt. Nelson think about the 2.5 lbs. per barrel of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops in this precarious pale ale. Ruminate on the diesely, tropical fruit and melon aromas. May we suggest a word of advice: it's not the summit of Mt. Nelson you need to worry about, rather, the way down to the bottom.
Gold Dust
Lite Ale • 5% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped
Gold Dust is a crisp, modernly hopped ale that delivers svelte drinkability with elegant hop character. The aroma and flavor are unobtrusive yet alluring from a kiss of the sexiest Strata, Nelson, Motueka and Centennial hops. Glimmering with high effervescence, Gold Dust is an everyday beverage of understated beauty. At the ball game, backyard barbecue, or dinner table — this is a beer for all occasions.

Dokkaebier Station 5

Kimchi Sour
Kettle Sour • 6.6% ABV
Year round
Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine and it was only a matter of time before we found a way to incorporate it. With each swig, your palate will be taken on a journey from the refreshingly tart beginnings of ginger to the boldly aromatic and spicy finish of gochugaru (Korean sun-dried chili peppers). Not to mention, we also used our head brewer's own personal kimchi culture.
Pairs with: Pork belly, Al pastor tacos, bbq, fried rice, pork rinds, bacon, sausages
Yuza Blonde
Blonde Ale • 4.9% ABV
Year round
This drinkable blonde ale was brewed with one of the popular fruit flavors of Asia—Yuza (the Korean name for Yuzu), which gives our beer a crisp citrus aroma and flavor with a light and lingering taste that feels refreshing, sweet and bracing.
Pairs with: Sushi, sashimi, fish, vanilla ice cream, shellfish,
Rice Kolsch
Kolsch • 5.1% ABV
Year round
A malty, traditional Kolsch with a slightly sweet flavor and a bright citrus character. Rice adds a nutty and light toasted taste, which becomes very prominent in the back and creates a soft mouthfeel for a pleasant, balanced experience. The rice flavors shine through from start to finish, making Rice Kolsch an easy-to-drink beer.
Pairs with: Korean barbeque, barbeque, cheeseburger, spaghetti, seafood, shrimp, pizza, tacos
Cherry Blonde
Blonde Ale • 4.9% ABV
* One off *
Sweet, tart, and malty with notes of lingering stone fruit in the finish, our Dokkaebis mastered the art of taking simple ingredients and manifesting them into a complex and highly drinkable blonde. Playfully nuanced, yet unforgettably balanced–our Cherry Blonde is a brew we hope you can enjoy in the company of others!
Pairs with: vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse, salad

Fort Point Station 7

Double Park
Pale Ale with Mosaic and Citra • 5.5% ABV
* New * | Limited / Rare
Double Park Pale Ale is a new take on our single-hop Park series, now with the flavors of two of our favorite hops. Our house biere de garde yeast subtly transforms Mosaic and Citra to bring out uniquely aromatic notes of grapefruit and tangerine, while a touch of softness makes its crisp, dry body go down smooth. This is a beer for long, lazy days spent on a blanket with friends at your favorite park.
Unfiltered Lager (Kellerbier) • 5.8% ABV
* New - One off * | Limited / Rare
Our take on the traditional Kellerbiers of Germany, Alpenglow is an easy-drinking Unfiltered Lager with unexpectedly rich flavor. A delicate balance of malt and hops creates aromas of orange scone, honey, and fresh bread, while a yeasty haze imparts a straw-colored glow. Drink this beer by the liter with a big group of friends.
Pairs with: German pretzels and sausage!
Italian Style Pilsner • 4.9% ABV
Year round
Sfizio is an Italian Style Pilsner with a snappy, cracker-like malt body and a tantalizingly bitter finish. This modern approach to pilsner is hopped as generously as an American IPA, but with Noble hop varieties that are more delicate than their American counterparts. Heaps of Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Aurora hops create fragrant notes of pine and eucalyptus as lively as a zip around San Francisco’s rolling city streets.

Harmonic Station 4

Prague Rock Pilsner
Czech Pilsner • 5.1% ABV
100% Admiral Pilsner Malt
Pairs with: Almost anything but especially pizza and burgers
Music Analogy IPA
West Coast IPA • 6.8% ABV
* New - One off * | Dry hopped
Dry hopped with Mosaic, El Dorado, and Taiheke
Pairs with: Tacos and Steak

Hop Oast Station 10

Oktobferfest • 5% ABV
Amber Lager brewed to commemorate the Oktobferfest season.
Little Koi
Passion Fruit Sour • 5.2% ABV
* One off * | Limited / Rare
Fermented with Lachancea wild yeast to produce lactic acid sourness. Brewed with 42 lbs of passion fruit in 3 barrels.

Laughing Monk Station 8

Irreverent Wit
Witbier • 5.2% ABV
A light, yet cloudy, Belgian White Ale with aromas of citrus and light spice. Flavors of banana and bread move over the palate and finish with a dry yeast character. Lingering finish with notes of light spice and bread.
Pairs with: mussels
Festbier • 5.6% ABV
* New * | Seasonal
Malty and hoppy festbier
Pairs with: german food
Sir Elton
Hazy DIPA • 8.1% ABV
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped
Juicy and tropical
Pairs with: it's a menu in it's self
Admiral Shaun
English Style Pale ale • 4.8% ABV
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped
Dry hopped English pale ale
Pairs with: Bangers and mash

Local Station 14

Sixty Nine Pils
Modern Pilsner • 4.0% ABV
Year round
Belgian Bump
Belgian Golden w/ Philz Coffee • 8.0% ABV
Collaboration | Limited / Rare | Seasonal
Annual Fall collaboration with Philz Coffee featuring Dancing Water blend
Tradewind Tropical Stout
Tropical Stout w/ Coconut • 7.1% ABV
Limited / Rare | Seasonal

Otherwise Station 6

Hella Nibs
Dessert Stout • 8% ABV
Limited / Rare | Seasonal | Gluten free
Luscious and limited dessert stout infused with loads of chocolate and a kiss of vanilla for balance. Brewed with rice, millet, buckwheat, and oats--making it naturally gluten free.
Pairs with: Devil's food cake, raspberry tarte, vanilla ice cream float
Guava Fresca
Kettle Sour Ale with Guava • 7% ABV
Seasonal | Gluten free
A moderately tart kettle sour brewed with a healthy serving of pink guava. More funk than pucker, this lactobacillus driven fruit bomb is brewed with sushi rice, making it naturally gluten free.
Pairs with: Ceviche, burrata salad, charcuterie plate
Sonic Bloom
Juicy/Hazy IPA • 6.8% ABV
Seasonal | Dry hopped | Gluten free
Hopped with Sabro, Citra, and Mosaic, Sonic Bloom bursts with tropical flavors. It has a fruity aroma and taste with restrained bitterness, making it juicy and easy-drinking. Brewed with rice, millet, and buckwheat, this hazy IPA is also naturally gluten free.
Pairs with: Pepperoni and pepper pizza, tacos of any kind, spicy chicken sandwich
Calrose Crisp
Rice Lager • 5% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped | Gluten free
A refreshing pale lager made with one of the world's premier sushi rices. Crisp and elegant, dry and sophisticated, clean and crushable. Made with 100% Calrose rice making it naturally gluten free.
Pairs with: Sushi, shawarma, hot pot

San Francisco Station 12

Fog City Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA • 6.7% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped
New England Style IPA made with malted barley, wheat and oats. Dry hopped with a blend of Vic Secret, Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe and fermented with our house propagated hazy yeast.
Pairs with: BBQ and wings
Alcatraz Amber
Amber Ale • 5.3% ABV
Year round
This well balanced and full-flavored beer has a rich malty body balance by a touch of Cascade hops
Pairs with: Burger and Fries
Presidio Pilsner
Czech-style Pilsner • 5.5% ABV
Year round
Crisp, clean, and refreshing this classic Pilsner has a golden hue, light body and unique spicy and floral aroma from it's signature Saaz hops.
Pairs with: Spicy
Halfway to Hell
Triple Hazy IPA • 11% ABV
Limited / Rare | Dry hopped
We stuffed 5lbs/bbl of Vic Secret, Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, and Cashmere hops into our Triple Hazy IPA for explosive aromas of passionfruit and citrus.
Pairs with: grilled meat

Speakeasy Station 9

Metropolis Lager
Lager • 5.5% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped
Big Daddy IPA
IPA • 6.5% ABV
Year round
Alsatian Blonde Dopplebock • 9.9% ABV
Limited / Rare
Collaboration with Brandon Dobel from Thirsty Bear.

Standard Deviant Station 13

Idaho-7 Fresh Hop IPA
IPA • 6.9% ABV
Limited / Rare | Seasonal | Fresh hops
Kölsch • 5.3% ABV
Year round
Hazy Pale Ale
hazy pale ale • 4.8% ABV
Year round | Dry hopped

Woods Station 3

Second Summer
Hoppy Rice Lager • 4.8% ABV
Seasonal | Dry hopped
Dry Hopped Rice lager w/ Meridian and Crystal Hops
Marzen • 6.1% ABV
* New * | Seasonal
Rich mahogany, slightly toasted, with a dry breadcrumb finish crafted exclusively using German malt and hops. A Marzen to celebrate all things Oktoberfest.
Pairs with: Sausages

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