Brews on the Bay 2023

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Climb aboard a World War II-era ship for a most unique festival experience!

October 14, 2023

on the S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien
docked at Pier 35 in San Francisco

VIP Fundraiser & Brewers Lunch - 11:30 AM
General Admission - 1:30 PM

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Sample super-fresh, locally crafted beer from local craft brewers and friends while enjoying spectacular views of San Francisco Bay including the Bay and Golden Gate bridges, Alcatraz, and panoramic view of East Bay, and the San Francisco skyline, at one of the most memorable and unique beer festivals in the world.

This is the San Francisco craft brewing community's favorite local fest, now at Pier 35, and one of the funnest craft fundraisers, with 100% of proceeds directly benefitting the Bay Area Brewers Guild and the SS Jeremiah O'Brien. Don't miss it!

Big thanks to our Brewers Lunch sponsors, The Printed Image and Baretto-Co.!


21st Amendment #1

Trumer #2

Olfactory #3

Otherwise #4

Harmonic #5

Woods #6

Standard Deviant #7

Ballast Point #8

Fort Point #9

Beach Chalet #10

Laughing Monk #11

Speakeasy #12

San Francisco #13

Hop Oast #14

Local #15

Bartlett Hall #16

Black Hammer #17

Headlands #18

Barebottle #19

Barrel Head #20

Brews on the Bay


21st Amendment Brewery

Tall Hat
Imperial IPA • 9% ABV
First-time release
Are the hops made of clouds or are the clouds made of hops? The only person that will ever know the truth will possess a nine foot Tall Hat. Overlooking a landscape of zesty grapefruit and tangerine flavors while stone fruit aromas tickle your nose.
Hell or High Mango
Mango Wheat • 4.9% ABV
As the days get shorter, Lady Liberty glows at our sunset gate with her welcoming arms. A light and refreshing straw-colored beer, fruity and sweet, brewed with real mango's, brimming with tropical floral notes. You’ll feel transported to an oasis during the orange and red leaves of fall.
Pairs with: Fresh shucked oysters, veggie or fruit salads, seafood

Ballast Point Brewing Co.

Manta Ray
IIPA • 8.5% ABV
Limited / Rare
2017 GABF Gold Medal Winner. Light & Dry on the palate with big hoppy flavor. Aromas of fresh, citrusy tangerine, melon and light pine leap from your glass!
Pairs with: Wings, BBQ, Salty & Savory
Speedboat Salt & Lime Blonde
Blonde Ale with Himalayan Sea Salt & Lime Zest • 4.8% ABV
A bright, brilliant, and refreshing blonde ale with a touch of Himalayan sea salt and lime.
Pairs with: Mexican Food, Asian Food, Spicy / Sweet, Burgers, Micheladas

Barebottle Brew Co.

Zest in the City
Fruited Sour • 6.7% ABV
Nothing Last Forever; Trends Come & Go, But Cosmos Never Go Out of Style; A Sour with Cranberry, Blood Orange & Lime.
Sutro Suds
Pilsner • 5% ABV
Limited / Rare, Seasonal
Tune in to Sutro Suds! 100% Motueka Pilsner broadcasting crisp notes of lime zest and sweet biscuits all across the city by the bay!
Pairs with: Light Steaks
The Brew Angels
Hazy IPA • 7.1% ABV
Limited / Rare, Seasonal - Dry hopped
Zoom! Bang! That's the sound of Nelson, Strata, & El Dorado Hops breaking the sound barrier with explosive citrus flavor.
Pacific Cooldown
West Coast IPA • 6.8% ABV
Seasonal - Dry hopped
Take a dip in a refreshing mixture of El Dorado, Chinook, Mosaic Cryo hops. This one is swimming with notes of Citrus & Pine.

Barrel Head Brewhouse

Running Out Of Steam
California Commom • 5.4% ABV
First-time release
A tribute to the iconic SF beer Anchor Steam which we will so dearly miss
Pairs with: Fish and Chips
Tight Gold Pants
Hoppy Belgian Golden Ale • 7.7% ABV
First-time release
Admiral Feldblume and wheat malt give a rich honeyed malt character, paired with juicy Strata hops, and some pear-like esters from Belgian yeast. A lot going on but also bright and refreshing.
Pairs with: Bloomy-rind cheeses

Bartlett Hall Brewing

Sounds Sciencey
Thiolized Hazy IPA collab w/ Berkeley Yeast • 7.2% ABV
Collaboration, First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare - Dry hopped
An obnoxiously tropical ipa fermented with a bioengineered yeast developed by our egghead neighbors over at Berkeley Yeast to maximize the liberation of bound thiol through fermentation (the same intensely aromatic chemical compound that gives Sauvignon Blanc its passionfruit and citrus notes). Hopped to the nines with Mosaic, Motueka, and two separate lots of Nelson from Clayton Farms and Freestyle Hops in New Zealand.
Pizzicato Pils
Italian-style Pils • 4.5% ABV
Limited / Rare - Dry hopped
Fashioned after the unfiltered and highly aromatic interpretation of German pilsner pioneered by Birrificio Italiano in the 1990's. A crisp, thirst obliterating lager imbued with Tettnang, Saphir and Kazbek hops for a heightened bouquet of lemon verbena, honeysuckle, and black pepper.
Powell Street Porter
Robust Porter • 6.3% ABV
2022 GABF Gold and 2019 GABF Silver medal awardee. A zero nonsense American porter with an intricately layered grain bill and a long roasty finish.
Postcard from St. Petersburg
American Imperial Stout • 11.5% ABV
Limited / Rare
2023 GABF Bronze medalist! A sumptuous, ink black sipper worthy of a Czar. Baker's chocolate and woody European hops dominate the palate providing just enough bitterness to offset its plush, hedonistic body. Huzzah!
Saison La Playa
Mexicali Farmhouse Ale with Flaked Corn, Coriander, Lime, Pineapple, Blue Agave and Motueka Hops • 7% ABV
Limited / Rare

Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

Presidio West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA • 6.1% ABV
Dry hopped
Piney, citrusy, and floral, with a balanced malt profile is sure to refresh. Classic West Coast IPA!
Chalet Kolsch
Kolsch • 5.1% ABV
Crispy, light, with a touch of estery goodness, a refreshing beverage that’s sure to quench your thirst. Perfect for daytime sipping!
Pairs with: Sausage, burgers, fries, etc

Black Hammer Brewing

West Coast IPA • 6.8% ABV
Near gluten free
Pale Blue Dot
Blueberry Sorbet Sour • 4.9% ABV
Near gluten free
Mo' Marzen
Märzen • 5.8% ABV
Seasonal - Near gluten free
Petal Pusher
Lavender Saison • 5.8% ABV
One off - Near gluten free
Sober Curious
Blonde Ale
With accents of malt and a light hop finish, our golden ale is crisp and refreshing

Fort Point Beer Co.

Sfizio Italian Style Pilsner
Italian style pilsner • 4.9% ABV
Hazy IPA • 6.9% ABV

Harmonic Brewing

Prague Rock Pilsner
Czech Pilsner • 5.1% ABV
100 % Admiral Pilsner Malt
Pairs with: Pizza, tacos
You Love To "C" It IPA
Juicy IPA • 6.8% ABV
Dry hopped
100 % Citra IPA

Headlands Brewing Co.

Pt. Bonita Pilsner
Bohemian Pilsner • 5.3% ABV
Pt Bonita is our Bohemian Pilsner. It’s crisp and spicy from the rye malt and noble hops, yet has enough body from the rustic grains to accompany your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Alcatraz West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA • 6.5% ABV
One off, Collaboration - Dry hopped
This is in collaboration with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Alcatraz West Coast IPA showcases tropical notes with some classic West Coast punch. Aromatics and flavors pineapple, berries, citrus and a touch of pine. A dry and light pilsner base malt enables the hops to shine. Whether the Bay is hot or cold, enjoy this tropical West Coast IPA
Sticke It To The Man!
Sticke Altbier • 6.6% ABV
One off, Limited / Rare
It is a strong amber ale, fermented dry and at cooler temperatures for a crisp finish. Notes of fresh multigrain bread, light roast, subtle vine and bramble berry fruit notes, with a dark chocolate back-drop - balanced by a firm hop character. A drinkable strong amber ale... it may bring out your feisty side.

Hop Oast Pub & Brewery

Hammerschlager Oktoberfest
Märzen/Oktoberfest • 5.3% ABV
Seasonal, One off
Malty amber lager
Pairs with: Bratwurst, pretzels
Le Horla Saison
Belgian Saison • 6.8% ABV
One off, First-time release, Limited / Rare
Fruity esters, spicy peppercorn flavor
Pairs with: Pork tenderloin

Laughing Monk Brewing Co.

Holy Hell-Helles Lager
Helles • 4.8% ABV
Last Rye-tes
Rye IPA • 6.8% ABV
First-time release

Local Brewing Co.

69 Pils
Dry-Hopped Pilsner • 5.1% ABV
Limited / Rare - Dry hopped
Crisp, clean Pilsner dry-hopped with Australian Enigma hops
Loud N Clear
Modern IPA • 6.7% ABV
Limited / Rare - Dry hopped
Bright, light/bodied IPA hopped with Oregon Strata and Cascade
Pure Moods
West Coast Pilsner • 5.3% ABV
Collaboration, One off, Limited / Rare - Dry hopped
Collaboration with Olfactory Brewery & Blendery

Olfactory Brewing Co.

Orange Sunshine
IPA • 6.6% ABV
First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare
West Coast IPA brewed with Admiral Maltings and hopped with Citra
Pairs with: Spicy foods. Thai Coconut Curry.
Loral Tenenbaums
Rye Pilsner • 4.8% ABV
Collaboration, First-time release, One off, Limited / Rare
Collaboration with Bare Bottle. Rye Pilsner brewed with Admiral Maltings and hopped with whole cone Loral hops
Pairs with: Currywurst, lamb chops

Otherwise Brewing

Calrose Crisp
Rice Lager - Gluten Free • 5% ABV
Dry hopped, Gluten free
A refreshing pale lager made with one of the world's premier sushi rices, and Hallertau Tradition hops.
Pairs with: Sushi, hot pot, salads, shawarma, rice dishes
30,000 Feet
Juicy IPA • 6.4% ABV
Seasonal - Dry hopped, Gluten free
Juicy IPA inspired by the stratospheric flavor of Oregon-grown Strata hops. Tropical, dank, and citrusy, this elegant IPA bursts with notes of passionfruit, good herb, and grapefruit. We then rounded out the hop profile with a little bit of El Dorado, lending a touch of pineapple, fresh sliced orange, and stone fruit to the bouquet.
Pairs with: Margherita pizza, al pastor tacos
Guava Fresca
Kettle Sour Ale • 7% ABV
Gluten free
A moderately tart kettle sour brewed with a healthy serving of pink guava.
Pairs with: Cheese plate, ceviche, brazilian cheese bread

San Francisco Brewing Co.

Fog City
Hazy IPA • 6.7% ABV
Dry hopped
Alcatraz Amber Ale
Amber Ale • 5.6% ABV


Prohibition Ale
Amber Ale • 6% ABV
A San Francisco original since 1997, Prohibition is a GABF Gold Medal Winner. Pouring a deep ruby color with an off-white head, Prohibition has aromas of caramel candy, stone fruit, and a hint of pine and citrus. Balanced with a firm bitterness, Prohibition finishes clean and crisp for such a full flavored ale.
Pairs with: BBQ, Burgers, Fried Seafood, Spicy Food (esp. Indian)
Town & City
West Coast Double IPA • 8% ABV
Limited / Rare, Collaboration - Dry hopped
Originally a collaboration with Hella Coastal, Town & City is an ultra dank West Coast Double IPA, with a blend of old and new school hops, delivering layers of bright citrus, pine sap, and tropical fruit on a clean malt base. All wrapped up in a resinous and crisp hoppy finish.
Pairs with: Smoked/Grilled Meats, intense cheeses (ex. sharp blue)

Standard Deviant Brewing Co.

Kolsch • 5.3% ABV
true to style
Pairs with: Sausages
IPA • 6.9% ABV
Light clear IPA featuring New Zealand hops
Pairs with: Sausages
Oktoberfest • 5.6% ABV
Best in fest!
Pairs with: Sausages

Trumer Brewery

Trumer Pils 1/4bbl
German-style Pilsner • 4.9% ABV
Classic pilsner
Oktoberfest • 6.8% ABV
Classic Oktoberfest - Taproom release
Pairs with: Soft Pretzels and sauerbraten
Black lager • 5.1% ABV
First-time release
Black lager - Taproom release
Pairs with: Wild boar gulasch

Woods Beer Co.

Second Summer Rice Lager
Rice Lager • 4.8% ABV
33% Rice
Pairs with: Sushi, late summer salad
Festbier • 5.8% ABV
Classic Festbier lagered for 3+ months
Pairs with: Brats and pretzels
Fresh Hop Pale Ale
Wet Hop Pale Ale • 5.8% ABV
First-time release - Wet hop
Wet hop pale featuring Santa Rosa grown Comet hops
Pairs with: Burgers and Frys
Table Beer
Belgian Table Beer • 3.7% ABV
Limited / Rare
5 Grain (Spelt, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Barley) with a house cultured wild yeast.
Pairs with: Rich cheeses
$14 - Bratwurst
$9 - Hot Dog or Veggie Dog
$8 - Spicy Beef Chili or Three Bean Chili (vegan)
$6 - Pretzel Roll w/ Beer Cheese
$3 - Monk's Kettle Corn
$4 - Coke/Diet Coke

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